April Garcia

My name is April Garcia and I was born in San Benito, Texas. I am a Hispanic visual artist based in Austin, Texas who loves creating soft sculpture art. Originally from the Rio Grande Valley, I transferred to Austin in 1998 and took some sculpture classes at ACC that changed my life forever. I have been creating and exhibiting art in Austin for twenty years as a full-time professional creative. Over the years Mexic-Arte Museum has acquired several of my sculptures and art pieces and my work is now a part of their art collection.

In 2016 I applied to participate in the Latino Arts Residency Program (LARP) at Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center (ESB-MACC) and I was one of the two visual artists awarded a spot in the program. During my residency at the cultural center, I developed educational art workshops for the community that was free for all to participate in. At the end of the residency, I retrieved the artwork from the participants and curated a community exhibit in the community gallery at the MACC. My residency work led to a solo show and permission to curate other artists in the exhibit. With this opportunity, I am curating an exhibit for women-identifying, and nongender specific fine artists whose work inspires me and whose artwork is tied to activism, also known as artivism. ChingonX Fire exhibit is driven by my mission to curate an intersectional exhibit that is diverse and inclusive and that connects and creates a dialogue between the artists and community that values and supports the arts.


Sample Work