Xólotl Sumisa

Rurru Mipanochia
Size: 30cm x 38cm
Technique: pintura acrílica y marcadores sobre papel amate
Year: 2019
Serie: “Tonalli”

Xolotl. “God” dog, of the monsters. The one of the foot made a ball, is represented as if he had a physical incapacity in his legs, with twisted feet. The nahuhas connected the physical incapacity as a symbolism of sexual transgression. Those who helped the abortion offer tribute to him, which is in accordance with the anthropological studies of Miriam Lopez Hernandez.

There also existed a vigorous connection between tanatos and eros, death and sexual pleasure. Death as the one who engenders life, life and death are inseparable, a duality that cannot be separated. My representations about death, Mitlancihualt/Mictlantecuhele, are inspired in major part in the Mesoamerican sculptorical representations, where one can see clearly death with an erection or showing the vulva.