Chia Guillory

Chia’s artistic passion is drawing & painting the nude female form. Often these women are found in natural settings & with animal totem heads. Bison, deer, ibex, & leopard are some of the animals that make their appearances in her large scale, almost life size ink paintings on watercolor paper. 

Her figures reside in a place of fantasy, but are also inspired by her travels- West Texas & Mexico’s landscapes make their way into Chia’s body of work. As well as homages to the lush natural creeks & springs of her native Austin & Central Texas surroundings. 

Chia feels most at home drawing from & what she know best- herself. Her figures are all sketched from images of the artist. This ultimate personal connection to the form that arises on paper gives each piece a sense of familiarity & nuance that she feels translates to the viewer. 

Although her work is usually black & white with accents of metallic gold or a bit of color, Chia is interested in exploring using more color, shading & sketching in her next body of illustrations. 


Sample Work